Your Dog needs a bath…?

… then you are in good hands with us. Our selfservice Dogwash- Salon offers you all the good advantages over a dog- wash at home. No more stress due to space limitations, no more backache due to ducked position and no more Bath- room or even House- Cleaning. Come in and learn how much fun it can be, to give your dog a bath. Tabalou the first and only selfservice Dogwash- Salon in Paderborn in a cozy environment and according to desire with lovely and professional guidance.

The Pet Grooming Bathtubs are electric lifting and the door is able to let down as a ladder, so the dog will not be carried anymore.

Due to our 4 Petwashing- boothes you will not have to expect any waiting times. Walkin’s are Welcome.

Wash & Go Service includes:

Basic Shampoo, Towel, Brushes and Combs, Waterprotection- Vest and  Hairdryer.

If you wish to use a different Shampoo, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are holding certain Shampoos in stock. ( Portion 0,60 €)

We would like to offer you the best comfort you can get. If you are buying a whole bottle of Shampoo you are able to store it with us till your next visit, free of charge.

Try it out. Your dog and you will love it.

Tabalou - der erste Selbstservice-Hundewaschsalon in Paderborn

Tabalou Selbstservice-Hundewaschsalon | Herlestr. 15a | Dörenpark | 33100 Paderborn

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